Cosmetic Six Month Smiles in Nantwich

Cosmetic Six Month Smiles in Nantwich Discussed by Globe Dental Practice

Six Month Smiles offer a fantastic alternative to adult metal braces. These metal braces often put people off straightening their crowded, misplaced or uneven teeth and this results in you not being able to correct these potentially painful occurrences. Metal braces are often extremely uncomfortable and can even cause a further lack of confidence. The Six Month Smile procedure was developed to tackle these issues by creating a clear brace that can straighten teeth in a much shorter length of time as well as being almost pain free. This article will discuss the concerns you may have if you personally have issues with your smile as well as how the Six Month Smile procedure can offer an affordable and convenient solution to cosmetic problems with your teeth. If you are interested in finding out more about how you can benefit from Six Month Smiles or if you are looking for Cosmetic Six Month Smiles in Nantwich then come and visit us today or give us a call on: 01270 625 069.

Concerns of Cosmetic Problems With Your Teeth

Having crowded or misplaced teeth can cause issues with your smile which can effect your personal confidence. Lack of confidence in your smile can affect a wide range of activities and can even result in confidence issues for one’s entire adult life. When considering solutions for cosmetic issues with your teeth, metal braces are the braces that are usually considered but many find these braces to be too long term, invasive or very expensive. There are also dental issues that could be caused due to overcrowding of the teeth. Overcrowding can cause pain within the mouth and can cause other discomforts and problems within your mouth. This is why the Cosmetic Six Month Smiles procedure was created, to find a viable alternative to metal braces that is affordable and much less painful.

Advantages of the Cosmetic Six Month Smiles Procedure

The clear nature of the Six Month Smile brace results in a brace that is very difficult to see if anybody notice it at all. This is an obvious difference to a metal brace which is very apparent and can cause more confidence issues with the fact that it is so apparent on your teeth. This clear brace is also more adaptable to any lifestyle and offers easier cleaning than the permanent large fixtures on metal braces. These metal fixtures can also cause food to become trapped which can cause tooth decay if not properly cleaned with a variety of cleaning tools. The risk of this is severely reduced when using Six Month Smiles brace due to the fact that they are easier to clean. You are also less limited to what you can and cannot eat when using this clear brace. There are a variety of foods that are unable to be eaten with fixed metal braces due to pain from tightening, potential damage to the fixed brace and acidic foods that often leave debris trapped within the brace.

Contact Globe Dental Practice for Cosmetic Six Month Smiles in Nantwich

Everybody should be able to have a confident smile that they can be happy with and a smile that they are not embarrassed by. In many situations, patients are put off correcting their teeth due to the fact that metal braces can be daunting and are a very long process. The low force applied whilst using the Six Month Smiles brace endeavours to ensure that the brace is effective and much less painful than other traditional braces. Your initial consultation will assess your suitability and we will take pictures and create impressions of your teeth (lasting 30 around minutes.) The second appointment takes around an hour and this is to fit your brace and take pictures of the brace to track your progress. Once your braces are fitted then you will need to keep regular monthly appointments of around 30 minutes and this is to adjust the brace accordingly. If you wish to find out more about how you can benefit from the Cosmetic Six Month Smiles procedure or if you are looking for Cosmetic Six Month Smiles in Nantwich then visit Globe Dental Practice today or call: 01270 625 069 to arrange your initial consultation.

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